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The Gospel according to @jasongrimes 10/19/2016

Go get yours! Don’t ask. Take.

  • It’s your turn. Don’t wait for anyone.
  • Don’t stop for any one. Don’t try and please anyone today except maybe your kids and even then try and be yourself.
  • Surround yourself with positivity.
  • You do not have time for garbage.
  • Examine all your inputs and outputs and optimize for future results.
  • Do one thing today. Measure. And keep moving.
  • No more looking and examining and explaining the past.
  • That’s gone on for far far far too long. Step with me.

Major Keys

Major Keys ūüĒĎ

  • Your past includes: Myspace, Friendster
  • If it doesn‚Äôt work on mobile it doesn‚Äôt work
  • Twitter is dead and now is a part of your past
  • Facebook is where your people are
  • Google is where your people search
  • Instagram is a Kardashian‚Äôs dream
  • Snapchat is the future

If you are doing all of the above, are you still delivering?

Where do you spend your time?

#hustle #dontstop #wontstop

My Time as a Music Promoter

Part of The Mohawk Grand Opening Crew
Part of The Mohawk Grand Opening Crew
Ghostland Observatory
Ghostland Observatory (No idea which show)


For those of you who didn’t know I have been involved in the Seattle live music scene for a number of years. I even had the opportunity to work for many bands, venues, labels, blogs, beverages, radio.

Who: Jason Grimes

Bio: Blog | YouTube | Twitter

Who: Jason Grimes “GrimeTrime” – no I actually don’t use that. Thank you Adm and Jordan.
Lives: Greater Seattle Area past 15 years, Spokane native.

Favorite All Time Events: Coachella 2003: The White Stripes performing Jolene; never heard the song before. Queens of the Stone Age with Mark Lanegan.

Some YouTube Moments:

Highest Views Video: MIA. 100,000+ views.

Currently Listening:

The Strokes, Silversun Pickups, The Kills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck, Band of Horses.

What does it feel like to be at a Jason Grimes show. It’s a big gathering of very diverse talent and everyone is having a good time.

Why Me: I am ridiculously passionate about our city, the opportunities for nightlife and I want to be a one stop for curated events. I am an experienced booker (My own events, High Dive, Jules Maes Рmore than 750+ shows booked and promoted), detailed social media and technology and more importantly EVANGELISTIC ABOUT THE LOCAL SCENE.

About My Experience:¬† Experience booking and promoting live events dating back to my debut show of¬†Black Happy¬†in Moscow, ID in 1994. Spent time promoting my own events branded under¬†¬†Presents at almost all local Seattle venues (Unfortunately not the Showbox, Paramount or Moore) and in most cases I have direct relationships with venue owners, club bookers and night promoters as well as the folks that drive the local music scene¬†KEXP¬†. I have a personal connections with some of the great folks at KEXP¬†– they are all great. As for my wheelhouse, it’s garage rock sound so there are so obvious locals that fit that mold. Been going to Coachella almost every year except the past 2 since 2003.

My Bio: Nothing fancy, but it’s below.

Written by a friend of mine¬†Matt Brown around 2007. Since then, I’ve been building websites for the High Dive, Tractor Tavern, Jules Maes Saloon¬†and others and I’ve been staying active by attending local shows most recently going to¬†Phantogram’s¬†first show at the Showbox.

Jason Grimes has taken his lifelong passion for music to extremes in recent years, becoming a driving force in Seattle’s current underground rock n’ roll community. A tastemaker from the start, Jason began his secondary career as a vital Northwest impresario in 1994 when he booked Black Happy, a seminal post-grunge funk/metal band from Coeur d’Alene, ID, to play at the University of Idaho. Since then, he’s arranged hundreds of popular musical events across Washington, Idaho and Oregon at a wide array of venues, including the Crocodile Cafe, El Corazon, Neumos, the Sunset Tavern, the Nightlight, the Factory, Chop Suey High Dive, Nectar Lounge, Ash Street Saloon and many many more.

Jason‚Äôs association with rising Seattle stars¬†Thee Emergency¬†and¬†Black Nite Crash¬†before them, working as Thee Emergency’s manager and booking agent throughout 2005 and ‚Äô06, brought his talents (and the band‚Äôs) to a broader national audience. His efforts put the band onstage at several high profile local events – most notably Seattle‚Äôs renowned arts showcase¬†Bumbershoot¬†in 2006,¬†KEXP’ Annual Concert at Volunteer Park¬†– and eventually landed them a coveted Austin City Limits after-party with¬†Ghostland Observatory¬† for the opening of on of the premiere clubs in Austin – the¬†Mohawk. Most recently, Jason was working as the Talent Buyer at the High Dive, documenting his love for the current wave of rock groups and electronica musicians through his photos and blogs, and continuing to tirelessly network with the best of Seattle‚Äôs infrastructure of writers, artists and other creative individuals.Ultimately, Jason Grimes is a visionary who helps keep the underground community of fertile minds in this city excited about what we‚Äôre doing. His dedication to bringing overlooked talent to the forefront makes him invaluable, but it’s his keen ear for what really rocks that makes him important.

РBio by Matt Brown   

How to Hustle with Snapchat

Add me on Snapchat:

By now you’ve heard the noise from the Millennials and the power of private video and photo sharing via Snapchat. Snapchat is not just a better replacement for traditional text messaging, it’s an all-consuming experience with the video camera first. With Snapchat you can create and curate private content for your company, brand, inner circle, band, venue or ‚ÄĒ as we’ll talk later ‚ÄĒ even candidates for President.

But what do I need to know about Snapchat that I can’t learn from Youtube videos?

The kids will tell you secrets to unlock codes and trophies on your Snapchat.

The adults (more often millennials) will show you to how to make entertaining video and animated content while seamlessly snapping one snap together¬†with another, A.K.A. your Snap Story. So let’s get to the goods. Let’s discuss how to hustle with Snapchat.

14 Rules to Snap By:

1. Commit to video first. Videos are more engaging. Committing to video first is the most challenging aspect many new snappers face as they bring their 2D personalities streaming to video. Those who are experienced YouTube Channel creators may have an advantage of already working within the video arena.

Justin Kan - Flexing!

Excellent example is Justin Kan’s Flex Your Freedom Muscle.

2. Don’t forget to introduce yourself.¬†You need to remind your audience¬†who you are and what it is that you do. Be authentic and unique. As your Snapchat audience grows be sure to re-introduce yourself every so often.

3. Keep your content fresh and consistent. Try and post 1 video every 12-24 hours to keep your hustle alive. Your Snapchat Stories will be alive and in the wild for 24 hours.

4. Go Local. Often times depending on service and availability you can have the option to post your stories to shared Snapchat Stories for the cities or locales you are in. Adding your stories to the city stories is a great way to increase exposure.

Publish to City Stories


5. Put your Snapchat profile icon on your Twitter profile. Hacking Twitter to help grow your Snapchat audience is a new war of attracting more attention from your Twitter feed to your Snapchat Stories. By putting your Snapchat profile icon on your Twitter profile it will allow people to easily snap and add you as a Snapchat contact.

Hacking Twitter Profile

Snap fact: Pointing the your Snapchat camera at someone’s profile icon is like a QR code. Snapchat recognizes it so you can easily add them as a friend.

6. Pin a Tweet with your Snapchat profile icon. This tiny hack will make sure that your Snapchat address is available on Twitter and is easily found. To do this pin your Snapchat profile icon to your top tweet. Now users can easily add you while cruising Twitter.

Pinned Tweet: Add me on Snapchat: @jasongrimes206

7. Update your Facebook profile picture with your Snapchat profile icon. Using a similar strategy as highlighted above it is important that your Facebook friends know that you are available on Snapchat and specifically your Snapchat profile icon. This will make it easy for your friends to add you on Snapchat as they are sifting through their newsfeed.

Facebook - Add me on Snapchat: @jasongrimes206

8. Use Snapchat as an authoring and editing software suite. Using Snapchat for pictures and video gives you the flexibility to easily mock up your Snap with engaging content and prepare to share this information. Now, how you share from here is a another blog post for another day, but some immediate channels for repurposing content could include: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and reddit.

Editing in Snapchat Example

(No animals were hurt in this production: Photo: @JessZ)

9. You need to practice your snaps. You are only as good as your last video so you need to practice your new craft. Practice snapping and editing your content and continue to look for innovative opportunities to capture short videos often with motion or action. Become an expert in the Geofilters and stickers that are relevant to your message.

10. Follow the Godfathers of Snapcelebrity and politics. Each Snapchat celebrity will give you a unique and valuable glimpse into how each of these power users maintains and grows their Snapchat audience. Some of the best examples for use and content have been by the Democratic Campaign for President. Each campaign is looking for better opportunities to communicate their message with their growing audiences and Snapchat is at the forefront of the communication battle.

Follow these Influencers on Snapchat: 

Diplo – DJ / International Superstar

JustinKan – YC / Technology Investor and Snapcelebrity

DJKhaled305 – Musician and tastemaker

HillaryClinton – Democratic Candidate for President, former Secretary of State

Bernie.Sanders – Democratic Candidate for President, VT

11. Put Snapchat profile icon on the back of your business cards. Give people an opportunity to communicate and share your content where they are. Your Snapchat address is a unique opportunity to communicate with your audience on their terms.

12. Use stickers beyond basic emojis.¬†Think about¬†Snapchat stickers that can be added with video and motion¬†versus the old school emojis or expressions ūüôā or ;). Be fresh and use this as an opportunity to be creative with your message.

Be Creative!

13. Use filters.¬†My favorite use of filters is Diplo’s use of Geofilters. As he jets across the globe and moves from location to location, seeing the video snaps with the localized Geofilter gives us the experience of traveling with¬†his¬†entourage.

Diplo and Geofilters

Snap fact: For additional sophistication, you can purchase On-Demand¬†Geofilters¬†for specific dates and locations. Snapchat’s recent monetizing effort gives you the ability to create a customized Geofilter for a specific period in time and using a certain designated area.

14.¬†Schedule a Snapstorm.¬†This is game time. Are you proficient in each of the steps above? Do you feel like you are ready to schedule a time to committing to snap about specific topics and questions? First, plan your message and even sketch out each Snap with sticky notes. Practice iterating through your content. Schedule with your social audiences so that your message has the maximum reach. Then press record and remember to speak slow¬†and confidently and don’t forget to look into the camera. One of my favorite examples is from Fixx for a pitch competition¬†for YC Fellowship on Snapchat.

Do you have other suggestions that you would like to share? I would love to hear your Snapchat hacks. In the meantime, get on your Snapchat Hustle!